Delta Cheese Straws

Lisa Smith

Spicy cheddar cheese wafers that are crisp and as flat as the Mississippi delta, handmade in Nashville

When Lisa Smith moved to Nashville some 30 years ago with her husband, she knew she wanted to introduce her new friends to some traditional Mississippi flavor: Delta Cheese Straws. Whether it's a wedding, Easter brunch, a football tailgate or just 5 o'clock happy hour, Delta Cheese Straws are a must-have.

While Lisa's mother was "The Cheese Straw Lady" back in the Delta, she decided she would become "The Cheese Straw Lady" here in Nashville. Made with extra sharp cheddar, butter, flour, and spices, Delta Cheese Straws are a delightfully cheesy savory and spicy snack. Plus, if you can resist the temptation of eating them all, they freeze beautifully well!