Frisson Soft Serve

Elise Schempp and Caila Singleton

Frisson Soft Serve offers premium artisan gelato rolled in a variety of toppings. Every batch of gelato is hand crafted with minimal ingredients to offer a flavorful treat you won't feel guilty eating. Our soft serve offers all natural flavorings, no corn syrup and uses vegetable preservatives. We use top quality toppings for our specialty cones and sundaes! Check out our schedule below to find us!

Nashville has everything from hot chicken to hockey, but there is one thing missing, Frisson Soft Serve!  Frisson is bringing delicious gelato that uses fresh, uncompromised ingredients to Music City! We have a "go big or go home" mentality here at Frisson Soft Serve, so our cones have a unique twist. Firstly, we serve our gelato soft serve style. Secondly, we take an assortment of delicious toppings and layer them on the cone. That's right. Sundae meets really can have the best of both worlds.