Gnarwhal Bakery

Michael Matson

Beautiful naturally leavened, wood-fired breads.

While Gnarwhal Bakery does have a space inside of the Citizen Kitchens community kitchen, much of the magic behind Gnarwhal Bakery's breads actually happens outside the CK walls. All of Gnarwhal's breads are naturally leavened, made with stone-milled flour and then baked in said wood-fired oven, which is sits parked outside, bringing truly rich and authentic flavor to each loaf.

After working in the bread world for about five years and working with some incredible breadmakers during that time, Michael found himself in Nashville and soon noticed that bread makers like those from whom he'd learned and jobs like ones he'd previously held didn't exist. He decided to fix that and started Gnarwhal Bakery.

Usually three days a week, passers by will see owner and baker Michael Matson poking his head inside his large wood-fired oven, and pulling out big, beautiful loaves of bread.