Brightside Bakeshop

Andrea Borchers


Brightside Bakeshop was created out of a passion for baking and spreading joy.  We are a small batch, artisan bakery located in Nashville, TN.  We strive to make delicious baked goods to be enjoyed, savored, and shared with others.  We can’t wait to make your next meeting, brunch, shower, birthday party, dinner party, or any event a little brighter with our baked goods!


To bake days brighter by providing delicious baked goods, delighting customers, and creating moments of joy.


We are dedicated to using high quality, natural ingredients and sourcing locally when possible.  Our handcrafted baked goods are made with no preservatives, chemicals, or additives.  Only the best for the best!


I've had a special passion for baking for as long as I can remember (see below for proof!).  Growing up, every time we would visit my grandparents house my Grandma Erikson would have something delicious waiting for us on her stove.  From the sweet aroma of chocolate chips when I walked in the door to my first bite of the fresh, melt-in-your mouth treats, these visits always filled me with happiness.  This is the same happiness I long to share with the world.  Whether it's evoking these same childhood memories or sharing a treat with friends to create new memories, I hope Brightside Bakeshop fills you with joy and makes your day a little brighter!

XO, Andrea


Maddie Adams